Early Learner Program

Our goal is to prepare our early learners for lifelong learning; in essence, for children to learn how to learn.

Our Early Learner Program is specifically designed to give young children, ages 2-6, a jump start in acquiring meaningful communication and critical skills that provide a foundation for lifelong learning.

The program’s approach is rooted in Applied ‘Verbal’ Behavior Analysis, which focuses intensely on teaching functional communication and independence across environments and works directly with the child’s motivation. Our effective combination of integrated natural environment strategies and 1:1 intensive structured intervention create an optimal treatment environment.


Areas of Concentration:

  • Improving initiation/functional communication

  • Joint attention and engagement

  • Imitation and co-regulation

  • Reciprocity and social language

  • Imaginative and productive play

  • Fluent discrimination of both visual and auditory stimuli


Included in Our Program:

  • Comprehensive assessment of skills and reinforcement

  • Individualized ABA/VB programming

  • Ongoing skills tracking and parent communication/coaching/support

  • Guided observations and comprehensive parent conferences

  • Individualized treatment materials and reinforcers.

  • 15-30 hrs/wk enrollment in an optimal, engaging, directly interactive treatment environment based upon your child’s motivation using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis-Verbal Behavior (ABA/VB)


After School Program:

  • Designed to support social skills through the early elementary years (kindergarten through third grade)

  • Focused on peer interactions and sustained group learning

  • Designed to serve children who have a lot of language and who are currently placed in typical classrooms

  • Do regular assessment of skill development to measure progress.

  • Occurs in small and large group settings, Tuesdays and Thursdays 4pm-6pm

  • Full time (4 hrs/wk direct service) is required for enrollment